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Import and export of strategic goods and services

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

The import, export and transit of strategic goodsExternal link and strategic servicesExternal link are subject to many rules. Strategic goods are military goods and dual-use goods (for both civilian and military use). In many cases, you need to notify, or get a licence from the Central Import and Export Office (Centrale Dienst voor In- en Uitvoer, CDIU). The Strategic Services Act (Wet strategische diensten) contains rules for the digital transmission of software or technology and providing technical assistance or intermediate trade.

SanctionsExternal link apply to certain countries. You are not allowed to export any military goods to countries in conflict areas.

Controls on dual-use goods

You are not allowed to provide technical assistance for a programme that might contribute to the development of weapons of mass destruction. However, you can request an exemptionExternal link from this ban (in Dutch). The CDIU takes 8 weeks to evaluate requests. The CDIU rejects or grants a request for exemption on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If your company transfers software or technology in a non-physical way or provides intermediary services for such a programme, you may need a permit. If you are aware of illegal activities, you must report this to CDIU. If you are an intermediary, you must report each sensitive transaction.

Transporting and exporting military goods

If you want to export or transit military goodsExternal link from or through the Netherlands, you will either need to notify CDIU or apply to them for a permit.

Submit applications or notifications online via Message Box

You can use Message Box to submit applications for licences and notifications to CDIU digitally. You download the form you need, complete it and send it to CDIU via Message Box. Message Box is a secure email system that enables you as an entrepreneur to exchange digital messages with Dutch government agencies.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO