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Inspecting LPG systems

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Do you want to inspect gas systems (LPG) in motor vehicles? You must apply for recognition (in Dutch) to the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW).

Applying for recognition

You cannot install or inspect gas systems without recognition from RDW. In order to obtain recognised status, your staff and equipment have to satisfy a number of requirements (in Dutch). Your company must be registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK) and at least 1 of your staff should be a qualified LPG technician. If you meet all requirements, you can apply for recognition (in Dutch). Once you have been recognised, you are qualified to inspect LPG systems on behalf of RDW.

Procedure after application

RDW will send you a certificate once your application is complete. You must install this certificate on your computer within 2 weeks after receiving it. An RDW inspector will visit to inspect your company.

Do you follow all the rules? You will receive recognition and are allowed to start work. You will have to abide to the rules (in Dutch) around inspecting and installing.

Deregistering a vehicle

After inspecting a vehicle, you must deregister it. The RDW will check if this has happened through samples. Has your company been selected as a sample? The vehicle you have been working on will have to stay in your workshop, the inspector will arrive within 90 minutes after notification.

There are certain vehicles you cannot deregister. For example, vehicles that have no or an unreadable number plate or vehicles that have not been registered in the Netherlands.

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