Labelling of food

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

If you sell pre-packaged foods in the Netherlands, you must make sure the label includes information in Dutch about the product name, ingredients, the net quantity and the minimum best-before date or latest consumption date. This information must be available online as well.

Information on allergens in the Food and Catering sector

If you operate a business in the food and catering sector, you must provide your customers with adequate information on all food allergens used in the products you sell. However, you are free to choose how to inform your customers.

Health and nutrition claims

You must comply with certain rules if you launch a foodstuff and make any claims regarding its nutritional value, benefit to health or medical advantages. The rules differ per claim and per product. You can obtain information about claims from the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (Nederlandse Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit, NVWA).

Best before and Use by dates and food waste

There are two ways in which food labelling indicates a date for either food quality or food safety:

  • Best before informs about food quality, after this the food is still safe to eat and it is up to the consumer to decide whether it can be eaten.
  • Use by informs consumers about the food safety of perishable products, these foods should not be consumed after this date.

In order to avoid food wastage, the European Commission urges governments to raise awareness and businesses and consumers to be mindful before throwing food away.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO