Lease agreements

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

To lease (pachten) is to rent agricultural land and/or farms with the intention of farming. Do you lease a piece of land larger than 1 hectare or agricultural buildings? You should determine the lease through an agreement between the owner (lessor) and the lessee. You must have the agreement assessed. In the Netherlands, the maximum lease prices are set by law.

Agricultural Tenancies Authorities

The Dutch Agricultural Tenancies Authorities (Grondkamers, in Dutch) play an important role in leasing. These authorities are involved in, for example, the testing and registration of lease agreements. Various charges apply.

If you have any questions about leasing or regarding an application submitted by you to one of the Agricultural Tenancies Authorities, please contact the Netherlands Enterprise Agency service desk.

Submitting lease contracts

You can send the lease agreement by post, email, or online to the Dutch Agricultural Tenancies Authorities. You can only submit lease agreements for liberalised lease running for up to 6 years online (in Dutch), other lease agreements should be sent by post or email. To do so, you will need to register with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

Lease prices

The maximum lease prices (in Dutch) are set annually in 1 July, based on a set of standards. To find out which prices apply in your situation consult the webpage Calculating lease standards and prices (Pachtnormen en pachtprijzen berekenen, in Dutch).

Changing or terminating a lease agreement

Do you as a lessor or lessee want to change of dissolve a current lease agreement? For instance, to change the conditions or because of a death? In some case you need to ask Dutch Agricultural Tenancies Authorities for permission. To do so you send in an amending agreement (wijziging pachtovereenkomst, in Dutch). Please note that you do not state the yearly change in lease price in an amending agreement.