Legionella risk analysis for swimming pools

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Checked 7 Nov 2023
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Do you operate a swimming pool? You must prevent the formation of Legionella bacteria, which causes Legionnaires’ disease, in your facility. You must perform a risk analysis and have a Legionella management plan.

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You are required to prevent the formation of Legionella if you operate a publicly accessible:

  • public swimming pool
  • swimming pool in for example hotels, saunas, and camping sites
  • medical bathing facility (pool)
  • kiddie or paddling pool

Legionella risk analysis

You must ask a BRL6010-certified consultant to conduct a risk analysis. You need to have a risk analysis carried out before you open your swimming location, and within 3 months after changing a water installation. If the analysis indicates that there are risks, you must:

  • create a Legionella management plan and follow its guidelines
  • maintain records with the measures you take to prevent the formation of legionella
  • perform a new risk analysis every 6 months
  • perform a water check 2 times a year

Does the water check indicate 100 colony-forming units of Legionella per litre or more in the bathing water? Then you have to report this to your provincial authority as soon as possible.

The risk analysis and your management plan must be available for inspection at the pool site. The provincial authority can request access to your management plan and the records of the measures you have taken.

You can use the Dutch-language Legionella prevention tool to see which measures against Legionella you can take.

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