Using a loudspeaker van or advertising vehicle

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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Do you want to use a loudspeaker van or advertising vehicle for advertising purposes? In many Dutch municipalities you will need permission, exemption, or a permit to do so. You apply for this to your local municipality.

Loudspeaker van

Do you want to use a loudspeaker van to play music or advertise? You first need to check with your local municipality what the rules are and if you need permission, exemption, or a permit. In some municipalities, loudspeaker vans are banned in certain areas.

When you apply for a permit, permission, or exemption, you should state:

  • why you need a loudspeaker van
  • the time and date you will use it
  • how loud your advertising message or music will be played
  • which route you intend to take

Advertising vehicle

If you use a vehicle mainly to advertise, it is an advertising vehicle. You must apply for permission or an exemption from the municipality where you use the advertising vehicle. If you want to park it on the public road for advertising purposes, you have to apply for an exemption to your local municipality.

You should state:

  • which vehicle you will use for advertising
  • the size of the advertising message on your vehicle
  • for which company you will advertise
  • where and when you will advertise

Company van

Do you have a company vehicle that carries advertising for your own company? And is the main purpose of the vehicle travel for work? Then you do not need a permit or exemption.

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