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Notification available accommodation and permit letting vacant dwellings

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In the Netherlands, landlords are required to notify the municipal authorities if a dwelling becomes available because the tenant moves out. The housing regulations of the municipality specify the dwellings to which this requirement applies. When submitting the notification, you may recommend a new tenant for the dwelling.

Permit for temporary rental of vacant dwellings

You can rent out unoccupied dwellings temporarily if they satisfy a number of conditions. However, you will require a permit from the municipal authorities. The permit is valid for a period of two years.

Squatting prohibition

Squatting in vacant property is prohibited in the Netherlands and is punishable as a crime. It is irrelevant how long the property has been empty and for which purpose you use this property within this context. You can report the squatting to the policeExternal link as the owner of a property where squatters have taken over.

Long-term empty buildings

The municipalities have instruments at their disposal to tackle office and shop buildings being vacant. The municipality can, for example, issue a vacant property order with a reporting obligation when you have a vacant property. In addition, the municipality can determine that:

  • the municipality will search for a solution for the property being vacant in consultation with you as the owner
  • the municipality will suggest or appoint a lessee
  • the municipality will impose an administrative fine

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