Radiotelephone and handheld transceiver licence

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

If you want to use a radiotelephone or handheld transceiver network, you need a licence from the Dutch Authority for Digital Infrastructure (Rijksinspectie Digitale Infrastructuur). This also applies to the use of specific frequencies when you rent radiotelephones and handheld transceivers temporarily.

Using handheld transceivers without a licence

You do not require a licence for a number of radio frequencies, used mostly for short range devices (remote control, wi-fi). Everyone may use these standard PMR446 frequencies. If you use these frequencies there is a higher chance of interferences and outages. If you use radiotelephones or handheld transceivers for critical processes, such as company emergency response measures, this is a risk you should take into account.

Radiotelephones and handheld transceivers for business

Do you use radiotelephones or handheld transceivers for your business? For instance for your taxi company, dental practice, or for a transport, service supply, or construction company. Then you would usually use a private network. You can apply for a licence using the Dutch-language application form for use of private radiotelephone and handheld transceiver networks (Aanvraagformulier vergunning besloten mobilofoon- of portofoonnetwerk). You can also apply for temporary licences for using a radio frequency.

The licence validity period is 5 years at most. The price for the licence and the monitoring of your frequencies (in Dutch) are determined each year.

Please note: You may require an All-in-One Permit for Physical Aspects with regard to building activities for the antenna installation and a separate All-in-One Permit for Physical Aspects for the transceiver (environmental permit). You apply for these licences to the municipality where you will be installing the system.

Temporary handheld transceiver/radiotelephone use licence (PMT)

If you rent radiotelephones or handheld transceivers temporarily, the rental company may apply for a PMT licence (Portofoons/Mobilofoons Tijdelijk gebruik). Do you want to deploy radiotelephones or handheld transceivers more often for short periods of time at different locations? Then you can apply for the licence yourself. As PMT licence holder, you must keep a register with information about the use of the frequencies.