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Licences for using a radio frequency

This information is provided by Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Broadcasters that want to transmit radio programmes in the Netherlands need a licence from the Radiocommunications AgencyExternal link (Agentschap Telecom) in order to use a particular air frequency. The agency is responsible for distributing the frequency spectrum. In this procedure, public service broadcasters are given precedence over commercial broadcasters. The frequencies for commercial broadcasters are sold by auction.

Experiments licence

If your business is based in the Netherlands and you need air frequency spectrum for the purpose of an experiment, you can request an experiments licence from the Radiocommunications Agency. One of the conditions is that you should not cause interference for other frequency users.

Event broadcasting

If you are staging an event and want to broadcast a radio programme for it, you must obtain permission from the Dutch Media AuthorityExternal link (Commissariaat voor de Media, CvdM). You must request a frequency on which to broadcast from the Radiocommunications Agency. Programmes which qualify for this have a short running time and a limited reach.

Event telecommunications licence

If you intend to use radiotelephones, intercom, video or audio links over short or long distances during the event, you must apply for a licence to the Radiocommunications Agency.

This article is related to:

This information is provided by

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