Registration and consultation of Register of Veterinary Medical Practitioners

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Do you intend to work as a veterinary field in the Netherlands? In certain cases you must be registered in the Register of Veterinary Medical Practitioners (Diergeneeskunderegister). CIBG manages the register. You can only be registered if you have the appropriate qualifications.

For whom?

Registration is compulsory for anyone working in the following professions:

  • veterinarian
  • veterinary assistant/para-veterinarian
  • animal physiotherapist
  • technician specialised in embryo collection, transfer and placement

How to register?

You can register online at (in Dutch) with DigiD or eIDAS. Or you can use the English-language PDF form. You can only register if you have the right qualifications. Do you have any questions regarding the registration? You can contact the Register of Veterinary Medical Practitioners (in Dutch).

How to register with foreign qualifications?

Veterinarians with qualifications from within the EEA or Switzerland can apply for automatic recognition of their qualifications. Are you a paraveterinary professional, animal physiotherapist, embryo transfer professional, or a veterinarian with qualifications from outside the EEA or Switzerland? You need to apply for recognition of your professional qualifications.

You need a Certificate of Current Professional Status (CCPS) to apply in both cases.

Veterinary authorisation and supervision

Veterinary care assistants and veterinary technicians specialised in embryo placement or embryo collection must work under the supervision or guidance of a veterinarian. They are allowed to perform less complex veterinary activities independently without supervision.

Animal physiotherapists may only treat animals after referral from a veterinarian.

Consulting the register

The Register of Veterinary Medical Practitioners is open to the public. Anyone can consult the Register (in Dutch) to determine if veterinarians and para veterinarians are actually included. To update or correct your public data, you can contact the Register (in Dutch).

Objecting a decision

Do you disagree with a decision of the Register of Veterinary Medical Practitioners? You can file an objection to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). For questions about official decisions, you can contact the Register (in Dutch).

Online registration procedure via Message Box

You can also submit a request to be listed in the Register of Veterinary Medical Practioners online via Message Box. Message Box is a secure email system that enables you as an entrepreneur to exchange digital messages with Dutch government agencies.

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