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eIDAS: electronic identification in the EU

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Do you want to do business online with a Dutch government organisation? You may need to log in with eHerkenning. eHerkenning is the Dutch national electronic identification (eID) system for businesses. Under the eIDAS regulation entrepreneurs can use their national equivalent to eHerkenning (their native eID) to make arrangements with public organisations in other European countries.

About eIDAS

With the European Electronic Identities and Trust Services (eIDAS) regulation businesses and public authorities can carry out secure cross-border transactions. This encourages businesses to expand their business across Europe by:

  • ensuring access of national eID schemes to online public services across the EU
  • ensuring national eID schemes have the same legal status across the EU

Before a national eID scheme can be used it must be approved by the EU. If it is approved, the national eID can be used to access government services, or private services with a public task, in another member state of the European Economic Area (EEA).

Find out more about eIDAS with the Dutch government.

Complying with eIDAS

You are required to allow European citizens and business to log in using their national eID if:

  • you are service provider with a public task, such as a government body, pension fund, or insurance company
  • you are located in the Netherlands and already allow businesses and citizens to log into your systems through eHerkenning or DigiD

Your organisation is responsible for implementing eIDAS into your systems (in Dutch). If you do not, you might face legal claims against you. Contact a certified supplier to sign up to eIDAS.

If you have any questions or feedback relating to eIDAS, you can contact the Netherlands' Digital Government.

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