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Do you publish or import books in the Netherlands? You must set a fixed price for (paper) books in Dutch and Frisian. You must register the book and notify the price to the Dutch Media Authority (Commissariaat voor de Media, CvdM).

Why a fixed book price?

The fixed price ensures that a book will be sold for the same retail price in every shop. This prevents competitive pricing and should ensure a broad supply of books.

To which books does the fixed price apply?

The fixed price applies to works that are:

  • paper books in Dutch and Frisian (and that have a title)
  • sheet music publications (on paper)
  • supporting information media
  • meant for sale to consumers

There is no fixed price for electronic books (e-books) and audio books.

Registering the fixed book price

You have to register a new book and its price with the CvdM:

You must also submit the information if:

  • the price changes. You are allowed to so 6 months after it has been introduced and every 6 months thereafter.
  • a special price applies
  • you lift the fixed price. You are allowed to do so 1 year after introduction

New publications, price changes and special prices must be reported to the Dutch Media Authority (in Dutch) at least one week before they take effect.

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