Applying for a sewer connection

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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Do you plan to build a new business premises in the Netherlands? Or is your existing business premises not yet connected to the sewer? You must apply for a sewer connection to the municipal authorities.

The municipality connects your sewer to the public sewerage system from the property boundary on which your building stands. On your own land, you must build and connect a sewer yourself.

How to apply for a sewer connection?

Most municipalities supply a form with which you can apply for a connection to the public sewerage system. You can find the form, the conditions, and information on the costs on your municipality’s website (in Dutch). You may have to supply additional information such as a situation drawing and a statement of the type of sewer connection (seperate or combined system).

Responsibility for wastewater disposal

The municipal authorities do not always have to provide a sewerage system. If the municipality has an exemption, you are responsible for the discharge of wastewater yourself, if:

  • your company is located outside the built-up area
  • your company is located inside the built-up are but in an area where little wastewater is produced (less than what 2,000 residents would produce)

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