Submitting a soil remediation plan

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Do you plan to remediate (restore) or move contaminated soil? And you cannot notify the soil remediation under the BUS arrangement? Then you must have a remediation plan approved by the provincial authority.

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at your municipality, province, or water authority

In the soil remediation plan you describe exactly how you plan to carry out the remediation. You may also need to conduct a soil survey and submit the result of this survey. You can start the remediation only when the provincial authority agrees to your remediation plan.

After that, you have to report to the province if:

  • you start the remediation
  • there is a change in the remediation work
  • you have finished the work

After the remediation you have to submit a remediation report (evaluation report).

Follow-up plan for residual contamination

If any contamination remains (residual contamination) after remediation, you must draw up a follow-up plan. In this plan you describe how you plan to deal with the residual contamination. You must submit your follow-up plan to the province or municipality.

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