Soil contamination, remediation or survey

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

If you operate a business in the Netherlands and detect soil contamination or impairment at your business site or another site, you must report this to the provincial or municipal authority. You must also notify the provincial or municipal authority if you conduct activities that may contaminate or impair the soil, or instruct others to perform such activities. This includes activities that (may) lead to erosion, increased density, or salinisation of the soil.

If you have a manure basin for thin manure and the soil at your business site turns out to be contaminated or impaired, you must notify the municipal authority. You must notify the municipal authority about this situation even if you intend to decontaminate the soil.

Notification of soil remediation or reduction of soil contamination

You must notify the provincial or municipal authority of a soil remediation procedure if:

  • the amount of contaminated soil exceeds 50 m³
  • the amount of contaminated ground water exceeds 1,000 m³

If you perform activities that reduce soil contamination, or if you move seriously contaminated soil, you must report this as well. Please contact your municipality to find out whether you have to notify the provincial authority or the municipal authority.

You can report a single soil remediation by using the so-called BUS notification (in Dutch). You report this to the provincial authorities. There is no duty to notify if:

  • you can reasonably assume that the contamination is not serious
  • you move non-seriously contaminated soil only temporarily and intend to put it back

Soil survey of business sites

If your business activities may cause soil-threatening substances to be released into the soil, you are obliged to have a soil survey carried out before you start up your business (baseline survey). This soil survey will record the soil quality at the time. Upon termination of your business activities, you must have another soil survey carried out (final survey). If the report shows that the soil was impaired or contaminated by your business activities, you will have to take remedial action.

Combining soil surveys when buying or selling

When buying or selling a parcel of land, soil surveys can also be performed that are not legally required and serve a different purpose to those performed for activities with the potential to negatively impact soil quality. These two types of surveys can be combined under certain conditions.

Online application procedure via Message Box

At the province of Noord-Brabantyou can apply for the following permits also via Message Box: the BUS notification, the notification of soil remediation or reduction of soil contamination, the notification of soil contamination or soil impairment and the notification of soil contamination by thin manure. Message Box is a secure email system that enables you as an entrepreneur to exchange digital messages with Dutch government agencies.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO