Standards for products and services

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Standards are agreements made by manufacturers, traders and consumer organisations about standardising processes in their area of expertise. Standards contribute towards uniformity, safety and sustainability of products and their production methods, and services. Standardisation allows companies to exchange knowledge and technologies and enter new markets more easily. The Dutch government may refer to standards in laws and regulations.

Netherlands Standardisation Institute

In the Netherlands, the Netherlands Standardisation Institute (Nederlands Normalisatie-instituut, NEN) supports the process of standardisation. NEN develops and manages these standards. NEN charges a fee if you would like to receive the standards on paper or digitally.

Compulsory standards free of charge

The government and NEN have decided to make some of their national standards available free of charge. If a law or regulation stipulates that you must apply a particular NEN standard, they will provide this standard free of charge. If reference is made to a NEN standard in a law or regulation, but its use is not compulsory, then you will continue to pay a fee for these standards.

International standards

NEN represents the Netherlands in international standardisation networks, such as ISO. EU countries are obliged to follow the European standards.

eLearning course voor SMEs

The European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) offers a free eLearning course about standards and standardization specifically for SMEs. Topics: the use and application of standards and how to participate in the process of standardisation.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO