Steps and ladders

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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Nederlandse versie

Do you manufacture or sell steps or ladders in the Netherlands? You must comply with the (Commodities Act) Portable Climbing Equipment Decree (Warenwetbesluit draagbaar klimmaterieel, in Dutch). This decree demands that the risk of injury when using the steps and ladders should be as low as possible for the user. Steps and ladders must be stable and made of good material (metal, wood, plastic).

Steps and ladders must have:

  • equipment type indication
  • name and address of the manufacturer, importer or vendor
  • instructions for use

Please note: The technical requirements that apply in the Netherlands to steps or ladders differ from those of other EU countries. If a set of steps or ladders is already permitted in another EU country, the Dutch government may only prohibit its sale in the Netherlands in exceptional cases.