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Transport of manure

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

In the Netherlands, transporting animal manure is only allowed if your company has been registered with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)External link. Any changes to your details should be submitted there as well. As a haulier of manure you are responsible for the transport, loading, weighing, sampling and unloading. All the details collected in relation to a consignment of manure (origin, use, quantity, nitrogen and phosphate content) must be submitted to RVO.

Weighing and sampling

If you transport manure out of the Netherlands, you must sample the consignment during loading. If you transport it within the Netherlands, you sample while unloading. In some cases, weighing and sampling is not compulsory and you can apply for an exemption. Animal manure may be transported by pipeline to an intermediary company. For more information, please contact RVO.

It is expected that as of 1 January 2017 only independent, accredited sampling institutions may collect and test solid manure samples. As of November 2016 these organisations should apply for recognition by RVO.

Consignment note

An animal manure consignment noteExternal link (Vervoersbewijs dierlijke meststoffen, VDM) (Dutch) must always be present in the lorry during the transportation of manure. You can order these consignment notes from RVO. Manure transport vehicles must be equipped with satellite tracking devices (GPS) and Automatic Data Registration Equipment (AGR). AGR/GPS devices must be inextricably affixed to the transport vehicle's chassis.

Keeping records

You must keep proper accounts showing that you have sold the manure in a responsible manner. You must also be able to prove the origin and purpose of the manure whenever you are asked to do so. Before 1 February of each year you must submit details relating to the past calendar year to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO