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Vehicle insurance

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In the Netherlands, if you have a (company) vehicle, liability insurance (third-party insurance) is mandatory. This will cover any damages that you may cause to others with your vehicle. Additionally, you can take out other vehicle insurances such as passenger insurance.

RDW checks obligation to take out insurance

The Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) checks at least once a year whether your (company) vehicle is insured. If it is not, you may be fined.

Vehicle insurance for driving schools

As a driving school owner you must insure your driving school vehicle and passengers based on the Motor Insurance Liability Act. The legal liability insurance will cover the damage to a driving school vehicle when a driving student causes damage during a driving lesson and is liable for this. The same applies to a test candidate who causes damage to a test vehicle during a driving test.

Your insurer will know that a driving school vehicle is involved when you specify 'driving school capacity' and 'driving lesson clause' on the insurance policy sheet. This will ensure that your driving lesson risk with your driving school vehicle is covered.

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