Suspending vehicle registration

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Do you have a business in the Netherlands that owns a company car, motorbike, or moped? You have certain obligations regarding motor vehicle tax, periodic motor vehicle tests and vehicle insurance. If you want to stop using your company vehicle for a longer period of time, you may decide to pay to suspend the registration of your business vehicle. You then do not have to fulfil these obligations. The vehicle may however not be parked or driven on public roads.

Suspending commercial vehicles

You can suspend your vehicle registration digitally using an RDW certificate (in Dutch) or eHerkenning. You can also contact the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) directly or contact a vehicle registration certificate office. The vehicle must be registered to your company, and your company must be registered in the Dutch Business Register (Handelsregister). You pay a fee to have the registration suspended.

Do you want to suspend 5 or more cars older than 15 years? You can use the collectors scheme to pay a single fee.

Duration of the suspension

A suspension starts immediately. You can choose a duration of 1, 2, or 3 years after which the suspension ends automatically. You can also apply for different suspension periods for different vehicles. If you take your vehicle on a public road during a suspension you may be fined.

You can at any time decide to extend the duration or to end the suspension effective immediately.

After the suspension

If you have ended the suspension of your vehicle you must make sure you have paid your motor vehicle tax (MRB) and have valid vehicle insurance. The vehicle's periodic technical inspection (periodic motor vehicle test or APK) must also be valid.

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