Using and manufacturing washing and cleaning products

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
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Nederlandse versie

In the Netherlands washing and cleaning products (detergents) must comply with the EU Detergents Regulation. This regulation focuses on the environment, biodegradability, and labelling.

Labelling of detergents

Are you a manufacturer or supplier of washing and cleaning products? You must provide information to consumers and professional users about good and safe use of the product. You must include certain information on the label, for example:

  • ingredients, preservatives, and perfumes
  • instructions for use
  • dosage instructions
  • hazard description (hazard symbols)

Information on ingredients

You must also have a website where consumers can find information on the products’ ingredients. or on a safety information sheet, or both. Manufacturers must draw up an Ingredient Data Sheet (IDS) (see link to pdf leaflet aimed at professional users at end of page) for health care workers.

Use of detergents

Do you or your staff work with detergents? These may contain corrosive or irritant substances. You must provide a safe working environment, so you should draw up a Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E). The Foundation for the Council for Industrial Relations in the Cleaning and Window Cleaning Sector (Stichting Raad voor Arbeidsverhoudingen Schoonmaak- en Glazenwassersbranche, RAS) provides information on working safely with cleaning products (in Dutch).

Washing and cleaning products and the environment

The EU regulation on detergents states the rules for protection of the environment. Among other things the regulation specifies requirements on biodegradability of surfactants in your product. The regulation also describes how this should be tested.