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Regional water authority by-law

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency

The Regional Water Authority by-law (keur) states what is and is not permitted in the vicinity of water defences (dikes and embankment) and waterways (e.g. ditches and rivers) in the Netherlands. The by-law affects you if you have land or want to carry out (construction) work in the vicinity of a water defence or waterway. The rules are strictest close to a water defence or waterway. For example, land reclamation is not permitted.

What to do

You have to notify the Regional Water Authority of your activities. In some cases, you will need a water permit. In addition, supplementary water board rules and regulations apply. Certain obligations (regarding maintenance and otherwise) may apply to owners or users of land.

Inspecting the Regional Water Authority by-law

You can inspect your Regional Water Authority by-law at their office. You may also consult these documents at your Regional Water Authority's website.

Damages due to water management activities

You may be eligible for compensation. You can apply for this to the Regional Water Authority or the province.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency