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Work permit for self-employed professionals

This information is provided by Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Foreign self-employed professionals who want to do assignments in the Netherlands and businesses in the Netherlands that want to subcontract work to a foreign self-employed professional, must comply with the Act on the Employment of Aliens (Wet arbeid vreemdelingen, Wav). This Act contains various rules with regard to foreign self-employed professionals working in the Netherlands.

Self-employed professionals from EU, EEA or Switzerland

If you come from within the EU or the European Economic AreaExternal link (EEA) or Switzerland, you do not require a work permit (tewerkstellingsvergunning, TWV) to be allowed to work as a self-employed professional in the Netherlands. You do, however, have to demonstrate that you are truly self-employed. Self-employed means for instance you are in control over certain aspects of the services you provide. This can be verified by the Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate (Inspectie SZW)External link.

Self-employed professionals from outside EU, EEA and Switzerland

Self-employed professionals from outside an EU, EEA member country and Switzerland do require a work permit to be allowed to work in the Netherlands. Their contractor must apply for this work permit for them from the Employee Insurance Agency (Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen, UWV). However, self-employed professionals in possession of a residence permit allowing residence for a self-employed professional or a residence permit including the endorsement 'Work is freely permitted' (Arbeid is vrij toegestaan) are exempt.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency