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Business Survey Netherlands (COEN)

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The Business Survey Netherlands (Conjunctuurenquête Nederland, COEN) maps out the most important developments in the economic climate for Dutch entrepreneurs. It does so on both a national and a regional level. The COEN forms an addition to monthly surveys carried out by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and the Economic Institute for Construction (Economisch Instituut voor de Bouw, EIB) at a European level.

What is the COEN?

The COEN is a survey that interviews entrepreneurs each quarter about relevant topics, such as developments in turnover, profitability, investments, and staffing levels. Business owners answer questions about experiences in the past quarter and expectations for the current quarter. The business confidence survey combines various of these topics to identify an overall sentiment. This business confidence indicator is available for the Netherlands as a whole, and for various sectors and industries. Based on the results of the COEN, CBS also publishes monthly figures on producer confidence in the manufacturing industry.

3rd quarter (2022) - business confidence indicator

The level of business confidence, the mood indicator of enterprising Netherlands, is at 8.2 at the start of the third quarter of 2022. This is a decrease compared to the previous quarter. The decrease applies to most industries and sectors, but the level of business confidence has remained positive in all business sectors. Once again, staff shortages were named as the main obstacle to doing business. This is especially true for the services industries. Read about these expectations and conclusions in the COEN Netherlands Business Survey report (pdf, in Dutch) for the third quarter of 2022.Level of business confidence Q3 2022

Business confidence decreased from 16.8 to 8.2 in the 3rd quarter of 2022. Business confidence is relatively highest in the construction (18.6), hospitality (15.5), and information and communication (15.5) industries . Entrepreneurs in real estate rentals and sales (0.8), mineral and quarrying (1.5), and retail (1.6) are relatively the most negative.

Expectations Q3 2022Obstacles entrepreneurs perceive Q3 2022
Entrepreneurs are pessimistic about the economic climate, on balance -12.3 %. On balance, expectations are positive for sales prices (36.9%), turnover (3.2%), staff numbers (16.4%), exports (2.7%), and investments (7.3%).37.5% of entrepreneurs experience staff shortages. Other obstacles include production materials shortages, insufficient demand, financial limitations, and weather conditions. 22.1% of business owners do not preceive any obstacles.

This information is provided by

Statistics Netherlands, CBS
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