Business Survey Netherlands (COEN)

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The Business Survey Netherlands (Conjunctuurenquête Nederland, COEN) maps out the most important developments in the economic climate for Dutch entrepreneurs. It does so on both a national and a regional level. The COEN forms an addition to monthly surveys carried out by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and the Economic Institute for Construction (Economisch Instituut voor de Bouw, EIB) at a European level.

What is the COEN?

The COEN is a survey that interviews entrepreneurs each quarter about relevant topics, such as developments in turnover, profitability, investments, and staffing levels. Business owners answer questions about experiences in the past quarter and expectations for the current quarter. The business confidence survey combines various of these topics to identify an overall sentiment. This business confidence indicator is available for the Netherlands as a whole, and for various sectors and industries. Based on the results of the COEN, CBS also publishes monthly figures on producer confidence in the manufacturing industry.

4th quarter (2021) – business confidence indicator

The business confidence indicator for the Dutch business climate was at 19.8 at the start of the 4th quarter. This is an increase compared to the previous quarter. The increase is less sharp than in the previous 2 quarters, when confidence climbed up from a deep slump. On balance, entrepreneurs in all branches of industry are positive. The business confidence indicator is highest in the hotel and catering industry and lowest in the sale and repair in motor vehicles. Positive entrepreneurs also outnumber negative entrepreneurs on nearly all indicators. These and more expectations and opinions can be found in the report of the Business Survey Netherlands.

Download the COEN Business Survey Netherlands (in Dutch).

Visual representation of the level of business confidence in the 4th quarter, amounting to a 19.8, up from 18.4 in the 3rd quarter.

Business confidence increased from 18.4 to 19.8 in the 4th quarter of 2021. Business confidence is relatively highest in the sectors accommodation and food serving (34.5); construction (24.9); and wholesale and retail trade (23.5). The most negative sentiment was found among entrepreneurs in retail trade (1.9); renting, buying, and selling real estate (4.6); and sale and repair in motor vehicles (4.8).

Visual representation entrepreneurs expectations for 2022.
Visual representation of the obstacles entrepreneurs currently face.
At the beginning of October, entrepreneurs looked positively towards 2022. On balance, 37.2 percent expect a growth in turnover. Expectations for exports (22.6%), personnel (29.1%), and investments (15.3%) are also positive on balance.
30.4% of entrepreneurs experience labour shortage. Other obstacles include barriers in means of production (13.7%), insufficient demand (9.7%), financial limitations (3.9%), weather conditions (2.8%), and other (11.1%). 28.4% of entrepreneurs do not experience any obstacles.

Next Business Survey Results

The Business Survey Netherlands is a cooperation between CBS (Statistics Netherlands), EIB (Economic Institute for Construction), KVK (Netherlands Chamber of Commerce), MKB Nederland, and VNO-NCW (Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers). The results of the Business Survey Netherlands for the 1st quarter of 2022 will be published in February 2022. The data for the next publication are collected in January.

This information is provided by

Statistics Netherlands, CBS