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Do you have a website where you process payments or customer data? Such as an online shop or other website where you sell products or services? Make sure you have the following things in order:

  • If you sell products or services via the internet, your online shop must comply with the Distance Sales Act. This means, among other things, that as a seller you have an information obligation. Also, your customer has the right to have the purchase agreement dissolved within 14 working days after receipt of the product. For more information about the rules and obligations associated with the Distance Sales Act, visit the MKB Servicedesk website (in Dutch).
  • Provide at least basic security for the server on which your website runs. Find out what measures your provider has taken and check whether additional measures are necessary.
  • If you maintain a web server yourself, you are responsible for its security.
  • The software that the website uses for handling forms or an order application must be tested for safety. Discuss with your IT supplier (in Dutch) who exactly is responsible for the security of this data. It may be the case that you as the IT supplier’s customer are responsible for what you offer.
  • Make sure that the payment of your products is properly arranged to prevent fraud. Examples of secure payment methods are iDEAL and PayPal.
  • Use a secure connection on all pages, but certainly in places where personal data is processed, such as contact forms, login pages, and during the ordering process.
  • If you have any doubts about the security of your website or web applications, call in an expert. You can also have your website tested and assessed by an external party that specialises in web security audits.
  • Make sure you understand the privacy risks of your products and services: are they in line with the GDPR?
  • You can join Thuiswinkel Waarborg (home shopping guarantee). Members are certified annually, taking into account the working method and the conditions of an online shop. Moreover, they assess to what extent you comply with the relevant laws and regulations. With the quality mark of Thuiswinkel Waarborg you win the trust of your customer. Visit the Thuiswinkel Waarborg website for more information.

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