Preventing and fighting crime

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Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK
Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK

Businesses may face various forms of crime. Read how you can protect your business against crime. And how you can help prevent crime.

What is cybercrime?

Cybercrime is crime where IT is the method and the target. There are different types of cybercrime. Make sure you protect your business from cybercriminals. Read what cybersecurity measures you can take to use the internet safely.

Information about cybercrime and digital security

You can contact various government organizations for information and assistance with digital security:

Suspicious transactions

Do you offer a financial service? Then you must report unusual transactions. By reporting this, you help prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

Do you own a crypto business or offer custodial wallets? Then you must register with DNB.

Counterfeit money

Do you want to check if a banknote is genuine or counterfeit? There are 2 ways to check whether a banknote is genuine. There is the feel, look, and tilt method. You can also use detecting equipment, such as an ultra-violet (UV) lamp.

For information on detecting counterfeit banknotes, check the European Central Bank's website. If you have received a suspected counterfeit, you should contact the Dutch police immediately.

See the rules for cash payments.

Shoplifting and robbery

Did you catch a shoplifter in the act? You can claim compensation from the shoplifter. That is for any damage and the time spent dealing with the matter. If you participate in the Shoplifters pay (Winkeldieven betalen, in Dutch) scheme of the Service Organisation Direct Liability (SODA) foundation, they will help you to get compensation from the shoplifter.

If you are a victim of robbery, Netherlands Victim Support (in Dutch) can provide you with emotional and legal assistance.

Do you want to install an alarm on your business premises or retail premises? Then you usually need an all-in-one permit for physical aspects.

Crime by employees

Internal crime is crime that takes place within your company. For example, when a staff member steals money. See what measures you can take against internal crime. Do you want to install a camera system? Privacy rules apply to camera surveillance in the workplace.

Are you hiring a new employee? You can screen them. You can also create a blacklist. You can add employees to this list who, for example, have stolen something. Or customers you no longer want to do business with. You must comply with the privacy rules.

Fraud and deception

In the case of fraud, you are deceived or misled. This can happen in different ways. One form of fraud is invoice fraud (in Dutch). So, always carefully check the invoices you receive.

Have you become a victim of fraud? Then you can report this to the police or a special fraud hotline.

Do you want to know which forms of fraud are currently most commonly used? For example, so that you know how to protect yourself. View the trends and latest scams at (in Dutch)


In the case of extortion, the criminal forces you to pay money or deliver goods. Often with violence or intimidation. Read what you can do in case of extortion (in Dutch) on

Submitting a report to the police

Are you a victim of a crime, such as theft, burglary, robbery, fraud, internal crime, or cybercrime? You can report this to the police. You can do this at the police station, by telephone, or through their website (in Dutch). Have you filed an internet declaration? Then you can track the status of your report on My Police (in Dutch). You need DigiD to log in.

Secure business seal of approval

If you work with the municipality, police, or fire service, you can obtain the Secure Business Seal of Approval (Keurmerk Veilig Ondernemen, KVO). KVO helps secure your business against burglary, robberies, and fire. As a result, you provide your employees, your customers, and yourself with a safe environment.

Platform Safe Entrepreneurship (Platform Veilig Ondernemen, in Dutch) is a partnership that fights crime at a regional level. You can join with your business association or trade association.


In some cases you can insure yourself against crime. View which business insurance policies are available. Contact your insurer to find out which types of crime you are insured against

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