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Encourage sustainable mobility in your business

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Are you looking to contribute to the energy transition and reduce your company's carbon emissions? One effective way is to encourage your employees to choose greener modes of transport. This not only helps reduce your carbon footprint but also supports the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Use vehicles with low or no emissions

Are your company cars or lease cars due for replacement? Switching to electric company cars is an excellent way to reduce carbon emissions within your business. With emission-free transport, your company is also better prepared for the zero-emission zones that are coming. From 1 January 2025, large municipalities will be allowed to designate an urban area where no polluting vans and trucks are allowed to drive. Take a look at our checklist for switching to electric vehicles in your business.

Shared cars

Offer your employees a shared car (in Dutch) as an alternative to individual company cars or travel allowances. This encourages them to combine driving with cycling and public transport.

Change the company parking policy

Restricting parking access only to employees with commutes longer than 15 km can be an effective measure in reducing unnecessary vehicle usage.

Encourage use of public transport plan

Encourage your employees to use public transport. With a plan that includes first-class travel, or one that can be used for personal use, employees are more likely to use public transport. Instead of a commuting allowance, offer new staff a free public transport plan under the work-related costs scheme.

Explore business travel by train

Airplanes are big polluters. You can cut down on air travel and emissions by having employees take the train for meetings in cities like Paris, Brussels, London, and Frankfurt. The travel time is similar for cities within a 700 km radius.

Offer a company bicycle scheme

Buying or leasing bicycles for your employees can have tax advantages. Explore different options and schemes available for company bicycles.

Allow employees to work from home

A good way to reduce carbon emissions is to travel less. Consider allowing your employees to work from home more often. Learn more about working from home allowances. Or find out more about the dos and don'ts of remote work.

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