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Clean up litter around your company

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You are obligated to keep the area around your business premises clean. This applies to litter and waste that comes from your company. Such as food scraps, packaging, and sports or game materials.

What is litter?

Litter is all the waste that does not end up in the waste bin. For example, packaging material, paper, bottles and cans, fruit scraps, cigarette butts, and chewing gum. It often ends up on the street due to carelessness. And it continues to drift for a long time. That is bad for our environment.

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Litter: 25-metre rule

The 25-metre rule means that you must keep the environment around your premises clean. You have to clean up waste (such as food scraps, packaging, sports and game materials) from your company within a radius of 25 metres around your business premises. You are responsible for this. The 25-metre rule is part of the Environmental Management Activities Decree (Activiteitenbesluit milieubeheer).

Place a waste bin

Do you sell food or drink? For example, from a pick-up counter, a stall, a food truck, or a snack bar. Then you must place a waste bin in the vicinity of your business that your customers can easily reach. And you must keep this bin clean and empty it on time.

Handing out flyers in public spaces

Would you like to hand out flyers, samples, bike seat covers, discount coupons, or other advertising material? For example, to shoppers, under car windshield wipers, or at an event. Then you have a duty to clean up. You are obligated to clean up discarded promotional material.

You must also adhere to the rules of your municipality. For example, you need permission from your municipality to distribute flyers. And you are not allowed to distribute promotional materials to children aged 12 and under.

New rules starting 2029

The rules for litter are contained in the Environmental Management Activities Decree. The Activities Decree will expire in 2022. From then on, your municipality will determine which rules apply for cleaning up litter. That way, the municipality can respond more effectively to local situations.

Until your municipality has worked out the rules for cleaning up litter, the 25-metre rule will remain in force. Your municipality has until 2029 to determine the new rules for cleaning up litter.

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