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EU trade treaties allow member states to give each other discounts on, or exemptions from, import duties for mutual product imports. For Dutch-UK imports, this situation changes due to Brexit.

The information on has been put together on the basis of the agreement between the EU and the UK. The Dutch government is currently analysing the details of the agreement. This means there may be changes to these texts in the near future.

Read the to do list to find out how Brexit can affect your market. There may be opportunities for you to improve your competitive edge, or you may need to undertake action to maintain your current market position.

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New rules for online shops

You sell your products to consumers through online platforms like Etsy, Amazon or E-bay and in your own online shop. Part of your sales is to consumers in the UK. Brexit threatens delivery delays. VAT rules have also changed: you may need to file a British VAT return. Read the (Dutch language) article Nieuwe regels: webwinkels to find out more.

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