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EORI number for all customs operations

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If you trade internationally and come into contact with customs, you need an EORI number. You use this number for all your customs interactions. For example, if you have to file a declaration. EORI stands for Economic Operators Registration and Identification.

Apply for an EORI number

Do you only declare in the Netherlands? Then you can create your EORI number yourself or apply for one. Please note: you can only create it yourself if your company has an RSIN number and you file the declaration yourself.

You must always apply for an EORI number if:

  • someone else, like an accountant or customs agent, files customs declarations in the Netherlands on your behalf;
  • you or a third party submit customs declarations abroad;
  • your company has its head office outside the EU.

There are two application forms for an EORI number:

  1. If your headquarters are based in the Netherlands
  2. If your headquarters are based outside the EU

Exchange data faster

Every EU company that conducts international business and customs transactions uses an EORI number. If you exchange data with customs, use this identification number. For example, if you submit an export declaration. This way, your data is exchanged faster with other countries.

Check an EORI number

Do you want to find out whether an EORI number actually exists? Then do an EORI number check. Go to the EU database and type in the number. The EORI check then shows whether the number is valid. You can only search by the number and not by other elements, such as the trade name.

More about the EORI number

The EORI number replaces the old customs or TIN number. More information about the EORI number can be found on the website of Dutch Customs.