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Brexit has an impact on healthcare. For example, when it comes to the supply of medicines, medical aids and privacy legislation. Healthcare personnel with a UK passport should be aware of changes in professional registration.

This information is based on the agreement between the EU and the UK.

Do you have any questions about what Brexit means for your healthcare? PM). Visit the website of the Dutch government (in Dutch).

Key Considerations



If you are importing goods from the UK, be aware that you are faced with all the obligations of an importer. In addition, border formalities apply since 1 January 2021.


Certain procedures apply to the export of medicinal pharmaceutical products to countries outside the EU. It is important that you have the correct certificates and declarations.

Medical devices, in vitro diagnostics and human materials

Existing laws and regulations between the EU and the UK have changed. No mutual recognition has been agreed. This means that products that you want to market in the UK must meet the requirements set by the UK, including any conformity assessments.

  • Follow the UK requirements for the marketing of medical devices and in vitro diagnostics with CE certificates. You will find them in the new 'route to market' and product marking for manufacturers.
  • Register your medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDs) with the MHRA.
  • The UK will continue to accept certificates issued by recognised 'notified bodies' in the European Economic Area (EEA) and CE marking until 30 June 2023.

BIG registered healthcare provider

Do you work as a BIG-registered healthcare provider in the Netherlands with a British diploma, or do you work with a Dutch diploma as a healthcare provider in the United Kingdom? Or do you have plans in that direction? Read on the CIBG website what the agreement means for care providers and employers in different situations (in Dutch).

GDPR and privacy

There is a separate GDPR Helpdesk (General Data Protection Regulation, Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming) for the healthcare, welfare and sport sectors. There you will find sector-specific information about Brexit (in Dutch).

Apply for residence permit

Since Brexit, British nationals already living in the Netherlands need a residence permit to be able to stay legally in the Netherlands and, for example, to apply for a health insurance. They can apply for a residence document under the Withdrawal Agreement, also called Brexit pass and article 50, until 1 October 2021. Find more information on the IND website.

Five tips to manage your affairs: staff

Brexit has major consequences, especially if your company or organisation employs British employees. Make sure you are ready. This article has prepared a to-do list for you.

Sector organisations

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