Brexit: industry, construction and chemicals

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Are you involved in an industrial, construction or waste processing business? Do you import or export chemicals? The rules have changed on 1 January 2021. Make sure you know what to do.

This information is based on the agreement between the EU and the UK.

Important to know

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Q&A about the TCA

There is an extensive Q&A about the Brexit Trade Agreement available on the website of the European Commission. It explains what the new rules mean for different sectors, such as trade in goods, fisheries and road transport. There are nine chapters in total and you can search per sector. At the top you can choose your language. You can find answers to questions such as: What was agreed to facilitate trade in automotive? How does the Agreement contribute to trade and sustainable development? Will air carriers still have the same rights to operate between and within the EU and the UK? Note that this Q&A was published in December 2020 and therefore speaks of a draft agreement.

Sector information

Several Dutch sector organisations can help you find the right Brexit information. The websites are mostly in Dutch, but you can contact the organisations by phone or email. You can find their contact details on our contact page.

Statistics: import and export of goods

Value of goods imported to the Netherlands from the United Kingdom and of goods exported from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom.

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