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On 31 December 2020, the Brexit transition period ends. Negotiations are still ongoing, and the outcome is as yet uncertain. This article provides links to information and tools to help you prepare for Brexit.

Stay informed about Brexit

If you have dealings with the United Kingdom, you’ll do wisely to follow the developments. There are several dedicated Brexit platforms.

1. Brexitloket (in Dutch)

The Brexitloket is the Dutch government website that gives full information on Brexit and all it entails (only in Dutch). Take the Brexit Impact Scan to see how Brexit will affect your business.

2. Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK Brexit file contains news updates, as well as information on how to deal with VAT on goods and services after a no-deal Brexit, an FAQ, entrepreneur interviews, useful links and more. Most pages are in Dutch, but some are also available in English.

3. Customs Brexit toolkit

If you import or export goods to and from the UK, you will need to prepare for the UK's 'third country' status after 31 December 2020. Dutch Customs has prepared a toolkit that tells you what to do on this side of the North Sea.

4. Keep Business Moving

The British government has launched the Keep Business Moving website to help EU businesses deal with the new situation. It tells you what the rules will be in the UK for EU businesses exporting to, or importing from the UK.

5. Brexit Preparedness Notice

This European Commission website provides advice on the changes in VAT rules and VAT refunds on the delivery of products and services to the UK.

6. Brexit voucher

If you find you are not ready for Brexit, and don't know how to, you can apply for a Brexit voucher at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO. This subsidy enables you to hire the services of a professional advisor.

7. Get ready for Brexit

The Get ready for Brexit website is a joint initiative of Dutch shipping companies to provide (Dutch) information on how to deal with Brexit when you need to transport goods to and from the UK.

8. Information from the IND

Are you, or do you employ a UK national or frontier worker? Find out how to ensure your residence and travel papers are in order on the IND Brexit pages.

Be prepared

Think carefully about the impact Brexit will have on your company. Ask yourself questions such as: what administrative formalities will I have to deal with? Which investments do I have to make, for example investing in software for customs declaration, hiring staff and logistics? And which costs do I pass on by making my products/services more expensive? Is it wise to stock up on my products, and where should I store them? Are my contracts Brexit-proof? Try to identify the consequences and risks as much as possible. If your Dutch is good enough, you can use the Brexit Impact Scan to help you determine what to do.

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This information is provided by

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK