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An RSIN number for your business

This information is provided by:Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVKNetherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVKNederlandse versie

The RSIN is a unique number that organisations can use to easily share information with each other. You do not have to arrange anything. When you start as a legal entity or partnership, you will receive it automatically.

Looking up the RSIN number

You find your RSIN on the extract from the Business Register from the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK. Do you not have an extract? You can request an extract in the following 2 ways:

Find out an RSIN for tax returns

Are you looking for an RSIN for your tax return? For example, because you want to deduct a regular donation to a charity from your taxes? On Belastingdienst.nl you can find out which RSIN belongs to your charity (in Dutch).

What is my RSIN number?

The abbreviation RSIN stands for Rechtspersonen en Samenwerkingsverbanden Informatienummer (Legal Entities and Partnerships Information Number). You find your RSIN on your Business Register extract. You receive this when you register with KVK. The RSIN is not the same as your KVK number. Sole proprietorships (self-employed) do not have an RSIN.

Your RSIN is a unique number that you will not be using yourself. It is intended for (government) organisations to easily exchange information with each other. So that you do not have to provide all your data all the time. The RSIN links to, among other things, the Belastingdienst (Netherlands Tax Administration), the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP), and the Land Registry Office (Kadaster).

Who is an RSIN for?

The RSIN depends on the legal structure for 2 groups of entrepreneurs:

  • legal entities, such as private companies (bvs), public limited companies (nvs), associations, foundations, and cooperatives
  • partnerships, such as general partnerships, professional partnerships, and limited partnerships

The RSIN is not for sole proprietorships.

How do you get the RSIN?

As a legal entity or partnership such as a bv, nv, or vof, you automatically receive an RSIN. This is in addition to the KVK number when registering your business with KVK. You do not have to apply for an RSIN separately.

What does the Tax Administration do with the RSIN?

KVK automatically passes on your details to the Tax Administration when you register. The Tax Administration then uses the RSIN to compile other numbers. For example, the turnover tax number, the VAT identification number, and the payroll tax number.

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