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Inspection of delivered goods

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Do you want to make sure the goods you ordered abroad comply with agreements made? If so, it is advisable to have your orders inspected before transport. Cargo insurance also helps cover you against damage during transport.

Obligation to inspect and pay

You buy goods from a foreign supplier, but after delivery the products turn out to be faulty. According to the Vienna Convention, you have a duty as a buyer to check after receipt of the goods whether they comply with agreements made, and to object to any defects as soon as possible. Of course, this does not mean that the supplier will respond quickly and replace or repair the goods. Do you find that the goods do not meet your requirements? Then you are still not released from your obligation to pay.

For example, the Vienna Convention states that the replacement of defective goods must involve a 'substantial shortcoming'. The Vienna Convention automatically applies when movable property is the subject of a sales contract between a buyer and seller who are both established in a treaty country. Even if the national law of a treaty country applies to the contract. The treaty does not apply to contracts with consumers, the sale of immovable property, or services. Do you want to exclude the Vienna Convention? If so, state this in the sales contract.

Pre-shipment inspection

Want to make sure the shipment meets your requirements? Then have an inspection company carry out a check beforehand. For example, you provide them with agreements made or samples of desired quality and ask the inspectors to check whether the goods comply with these. An independent inspection company carries out the inspection and draws up a report. Does payment take place with a Letter of Credit? Then you can also have this report included in the trade documents you want to receive from your foreign supplier.

Cargo insurance

It is advisable to take out cargo insurance. This will cover you against damage, theft, or loss of your goods during transport.

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