Inspecting products before and after transportation

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Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK
Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK

Are you ordering products from abroad? Then you want to be sure that the products comply with the agreements made. So, have your orders inspected before transport. And take out cargo insurance to help cover your order against damage during transport.

Obligation to inspect and pay

If you buy products from a foreign supplier, you must check them as soon as you receive them. This obligation is part of the Vienna Sales Convention. This treaty only applies if you have a purchase agreement with a supplier in a country that is a member of it. Most EU countries are members of the treaty. And countries such as China and the United States. But the United Kingdom, for example, is not.

Is there something wrong with the products? According to the Vienna Convention, you must let the supplier know as soon as possible. You often have to pay for the products. Even if the supplier does not respond quickly. Or if you do not receive new products.

Do you not want to follow the rules of the Vienna Convention? Then you can exclude the treaty by putting this in the sales contract. Ask a lawyer or expert if this is suitable for your situation.

The Vienna Convention does not apply if you are buying from a consumer. Or buy products at an auction, for example.

Pre-shipment inspection

You can have an independent inspection company pre-check the goods you ordered. This is called a pre-shipment inspection (PSI). You can then be sure that the products are as you agreed. After the inspection, the inspection company draws up a report. An inspection company can also supervise and inspect the production of your products abroad.

Cargo insurance

It is advisable to take out cargo insurance. This will cover you against damage, theft, or loss of your goods during transport.

Dispute with your supplier

Do you have a dispute with your supplier? And are you unable to resolve it together? You do not always have to go to court to resolve it. You can often resolve a business dispute in international business through arbitration, for example.

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