Tools for international business

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Can you find funding for your international business? Which export markets are interesting? These, and other matters, you can find out using these online tools.

Tools for doing business abroad

Exchange rate calculation tool for Customs import declaration (Tax Administration, in Dutch) - Convert the amount due in import levies from or into your own currency.

International financing / export credit insurance viability - Find out if your plan for international trade or export credit insurance is viable.

Intra Community Acquisition VAT Check Tool (Tax Administration, in Dutch) - When you buy goods from a business in another EU country, you may have to declare VAT on your return. Find out if this is so.

Services to and from foreign countries tool (Tax Administration, in Dutch) - If you provide services abroad, or receive services from abroad, you may have to defer VAT. Find out what applies to you.

R&D Tax Credit Tool (WBSO, in Dutch) - The WBSO subsidy enables you to deduct part of your Research and Design costs from your tax return. See if you are eligible.

China business tool (Netherlands Enterprise Agency, in Dutch). This tool provides an overview and information about what makes doing business in China special, what you should pay extra attention to and what steps you can take to be well prepared in China,

Subsidy Guide (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) - All subsidies and programmes that are coordinated and executed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). Filter by sector, type of subsidy, etc.