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Find out the product requirements that apply to you

There are general and specific product requirements. All products must be safe and suitable to use The origin must be clear. These are general product requirements. Specific product requirements concern the composition, physical properties, packaging, labelling, and registration of products.

Check the legislation in the export country

Each country has its own product requirements, so always check the country information (landeninformatie, in Dutch) in your buyer’s country.

Product requirements and CE-marking in the EU

Will you be exporting to an EU country? Then check the EU product requirements. Some products might require CE-marking. CE-marking clears your product for legal trading in the EU marketplace.

Find out if you need to adapt your product

It is almost never possible to export your product without adaptations. Many countries require product information in their own language; that applies to packaging and labelling, but also to user manuals. Sometimes, technical adaptations are necessary, like different electric plugs. Countries outside Europe often want to test a product before allowing you to sell it.

Check product liability

Make sure you know who is liable for a faulty product. If it is you, you may face high financial claims, especially in the United States of America.

Diminish the risk of claims
  • Always provide user manuals and labels in the country’s language.
  • Take out proper product liability insurance.
  • Close an 'indemnity agreement', making a different party exclusively liable. For instance: the distributor.

Check Access2Markets

In the EU Access2Markets database you can find the product requirements and procedures for non-EU countries, per country.

Contact a Product Contact Point

All EU-countries have a Product Contact Point for information on product requirements and standards in the member states.

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