Point of Single Contact: Lithuania

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Enterprise Lithuania provides free of charge consultations about starting a businesses in Lithuania. They consult about selecting a business form, finding the most appropriate source of funding or if you have other questions related to starting a business and its development.

The information on doing business in the Lithuania is availablein Lithuanian and in English. You can submit a question by completing the inquiry form that is available here: https://www.enterpriselithuania.com/en/contacts/

Point of Single Contact in Lithuania

  • For services: they provide consultations about requirements applicable to the pursuit of economic activities (e.g. obtaining permits, licenses), contact details of competent authorities, access to registers and databases.
  • For products: they provide consultations about the technical rules applicable in Lithuania to the product of a specific type (labelling, packaging requirements, etc.), the principle of mutual recognition.
  • For construction products: they provide consultations about requirements applicable to construction products (their evaluation, compliance with harmonized and non-harmonized requirements, CE marking, etc.) and the rules for their incorporation, assembling and installation.
  • For regulated professions: We provide consultations about the recognition of professional qualifications acquired in other EU states in Lithuania.

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