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Do you want to do business in the UK or start a company there? GOV.UK is the UK’s Point of Single Contact and provides information about the necessary rules and permits.

Learn about rules and procedures in the UK

On GOV.UK you can find information on laws, regulations, and procedures for businesses in the United Kingdom. These are categorised by topics and sectors. The ‘Licence finder’ helps you find out what licences you need to do business. More information for businesses (starting a business, running a business, and finance) can be found under ‘Business and self-employed’. Other key topics include hiring staff, taxes, and grants.

Arrange official business matters online

You can arrange several things online via the Point of Single Contact. For example, register your company online for income tax and VAT with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Businesses can register online at Companies House (the UK’s business register). You can also complete various licence procedures online.

Contact official UK organisations

Do you have a question about a specific topic? Check this contact list to see which UK organisation can help.

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