What is tendering?

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Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK

If you want to sell your products or services to Dutch government organisations, you usually have to participate in a tender first. Tendering gives all interested companies an equal opportunity to carry out assignments. Read on this page what you need to know about tendering.

When a government organisation wants to have an assignment carried out, it announces a tender, or aanbesteding in Dutch. For example, the purchase of office supplies or solar panels. But also services such as market research, a communication assignment or building a bridge.

Why tendering?

By tendering, the government stimulates competition between companies. It's a fair way to manage government purchasing. All interested parties are given an equal opportunity to carry out an assignment. Both you and the contracting authorities must comply with the tendering rules.


TenderNed is the online marketplace for government tenders. The national government, provinces, municipalities and public law institutions announce their assignments here. You will find both European and national assignments on TenderNed. When an assignment is announced, you can participate in the tender and send a bid by following a number of steps.
The government organisation will evaluate your bid using a number of criteria that have been pre-determined. The company that has submitted the most appropriate bid is awarded the contract.

On TenderNed you will also find announcements from other tendering platforms: Aanbestedingskalender.nl, CTM Solution, Negometrix, N├ętive VMS BV, PROACTIS, and The Solutions Factory. You can only respond to assignments placed on one of these platforms by creating an account and submitting your bid on that platform.

Be visible for private tenders

In addition to the tenders on TenderNed, there are also so-called private tenders. In a private tender, a government organisation directly asks one or more entrepreneurs to submit a bid. Government organisations will look for companies in the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK's Commercial Register (Handelsregister), as well as in TenderNed. Register your company there if you want to be visible for a possible private tender.

Tenders exceeding a threshold are European

Large contracts that exceed a certain threshold must be put to tender at European level. This means that companies from other European member states can participate in the tender. The assignments are put on TED, a European platform. There you can view foreign assignments and register for them.

This information is provided by

Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK