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WBA: Online employment relationship evaluation tool

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You want to hire a self-employed professional to do a job for you. Whether or not you are allowed to hire someone externally depends on the employment relationship. To evaluate the employment relationship, you can use an online questionnaire. This is called the Web Module Assessing Employment Relationships (Webmodule Beoordeling Arbeidsrelatie, WBA, in Dutch). This article explains how it works.

Web Module Assessing Employment Relationships

Hiring a self-employed professional comes with rules. To clarify these rules, the government has developed an anonymous, online questionnaire (in Dutch).

Completing all the questions in the tool will produce one of the following results:

  • Indication that the assignment can be performed by a self-employed professional, outside employment.
  • Indication that the employment relationship is actually a form of employment.
  • The replies do not make clear what the work relation is in this case.

The outcome of the online tool is merely an indication, not a legal decision. You cannot make any legal claims based on the outcome. But the outcome can help you decide how to have the assignment carried out.

Who can use the online tool?

Employers and procurers in the Netherlands who set out assignments to contractors in the Netherlands.

The online tool is not for contractors or sector representatives, unless they act in the role of procurer. If you enter into an agreement with a legal entity, the online tool will not give a result. Nor if you act as an intermediary or mediator. Read more about work relationship agreements as a self-employed professional.

Questions and support

If anything in the questionnaire is unclear, you can send an email to pilotwba@minszw.nl. The questions in the online tool are based on the information you provide about the assignment.

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