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You want to hire a self-employed professional to do a job for you. Whether or not you are allowed to hire someone externally depends on the employment relationship. To evaluate the employment relationship, you can use an online questionnaire. This article explains how it works.

Web Module Assessing Employment Relationships

Hiring a self-employed professional comes with rules. For example, you need to know if it is not a situation of paid employment. To clarify these rules, the government developed an anonymous, online questionnaire (in Dutch). This is called the Web Module Assessing Employment Relationships (Webmodule Beoordeling Arbeidsrelatie, WBA, in Dutch).

How does the web module work?

The web module is an online questionnaire that helps you answer whether or not you should offer an employment contract. By answering the questions, you will get one of the following outcomes:

  • Indication that the assignment can be performed outside employment. You can hire a self-employed professional.
  • Indication that the employment relationship is actually a form of employment. You may need an employment contract.
  • The replies do not make clear what the work relation is in this case.

Who can use the online tool?

Employers and procurers in the Netherlands who set out assignments to contractors in the Netherlands. The commissioning client is based in the Netherlands.

The online tool is not for contractors or sector representatives, unless they act in the role of procurer. Read more about work relationship agreements as a self-employed professional.

When does the web module not provide a solution?

In a number of situations, the web module does not provide a solution. In these situations, there is no point in starting the module:

  • You enter into an agreement with a legal entity, such as a bv (private limited company).
  • You are an intermediary.
  • The contracting party is broad.

Questions and support

If anything in the questionnaire is unclear, then see the frequently asked questions (in Dutch) for more information. You can also send an email to webmodule@minszw.nl.

To web module

Go to the web module (in Dutch) to start the questionnaire.

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