Problem with the government

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Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK
Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, KVK

Are you experiencing a problem with the government? Report this to the appropriate authority.

Objection to government decision

Do you disagree with a government decision? Then you can lodge an objection within 6 weeks with the governmental authority that made the decision. You may appeal against the outcome of your objection to the administrative court.

Not treated well by government agency

Do you feel that you have not been treated well by a government agency?

  • You can file a complaint about a ministry to (in Dutch)
  • The following applies to other government agencies: submit a complaint to the agency itself. You will find the complaints procedure on the website of the agency.

Are you not satisfied with the handling of your complaint? Then you can submit the complaint to the National Ombudsman (in Dutch). Some governments or agencies have their own ombudsman. You can check who you can turn to on the website of the National Ombudsman.

Unclear government rules, unnecessary administrative burdens

Do you suffer from conflicting or unclear rules of the national government? Or from unnecessary administrative burdens? Report this to the Rules and regulations contact point, Meldpunt regelgeving (in Dutch).

Do the rules of a local authority, such as a municipality, province or regional water authority bother you? Report this to that local government (agency) directly. Not sure which local authority? The Meldpunt regelgeving (in Dutch), can help you with this.

You can report suggestions for improving European legislation and regulations and reducing regulatory pressure to Lighten the load - Have your say!

Problem with a government agency in another EU country

Have your company's EU rights been violated by a government agency in another EU country? Then you can ask Solvit for help. If your case has been accepted, Solvit will try to resolve it within 10 weeks.

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