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Rules and Regulations Contact Point

Is your company affected by conflicting or unclear government rules? Or unnecessary administrative burdens? Or would you like to make a suggestion on how procedures can be made simpler or cheaper? You can report this to the Rules and Regulations Contact Point (RRCP) at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). Anonymously if you wish.

Are the rules of a local authority, such as the municipality, province, or water board, bothering you or your company? Then you can report this to the local government organisation directly. Are you not sure which local authority? The RRCP can help you.

Which notifications does RRCP process?

  • Notifications about unnecessary demands or activities.
  • Notifications about the content of existing or new legislation.
  • Notifications about the implementation by a government organisation.

Which reports does RRCP not process?

What happens with your notification?

We will contact you within 3 days. Sometimes we can give you an answer right away. In other cases, we will forward your report to the responsible government organisation(s). This is done anonymously, unless you do not object to us passing on your contact details. As soon as we receive a response to your notification we will pass on that response to you. We also pass on notifications and reactions to the Dutch Advisory Board on Regulatory Burden (Adviescollege Toetsing Regeldruk, ATR). On the ATR website you will find information about ongoing ATR investigations.

Your notification

Your contact details

You wish to make your notification anonymously:

If you make an anonymous notification, RVO will not share your personal data with the organisation involved.

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