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From cybersecurity to establishing your eligibility for a Dutch business bank account, these online tools can help you with doing business in the Netherlands:

  • CE Marking (Netherlands Enterprise Agency, in Dutch) - Online tool to help you comply with EU CE marking requirements.
  • Choosing a Dutch legal structure - This tool helps you choose the legal structure best suited to your company.
  • Coming to the Netherlands as an entrepreneur - Depending on your country of origin and the duration of your stay, you need different permits and visas. Find out what applies to your situation.
  • Company waste seperation tool - Find out which types of waste your company has to separate.
  • Cost calculator for the protection of Intellectual Property (Netherlands Patent Office) - If you apply for a patent, costs are involved. Find out how much the application will cost.
  • Cybersecurity scan (in Dutch) - Find out how cybersecure your company is, and what you can do to improve.
  • Entrepreneur Check (Tax Administration, in Dutch) - Are you an entrepreneur for income tax and VAT purposes? The Tax Administration offers guidance.
  • Quick Scan eligibility opening an IBAN bank account (NVB) - Are you eligible for opening a Dutch business bank account? Find out.
  • Search the Dutch Business Register (KVK, in Dutch) - The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK manages the Business Register (Handelsregister), in which you can look up a company's details. To search the Business Register, fill in the name of the business you're looking for in the frame underneath 'Zoeken' that says 'Zoek op bedrijf, KVK-nummer of trefwoord', and press enter. All entries of companies bearing the name you entered will appear. You can also order several products from the Business Register, such as extracts and financial statements. Go to the KVK website to find and order several products.
  • KVK Company Counter - allows you to check how many companies are located in a particular industry are located in an area, quickly and easily.
  • Short-stay visa calculator (EU) - to help you calculate how many days you can stay in the Netherlands if you have a Schengen short-stay visa.

Further tools

There are also several tools to help you with tax matters, financing, international business, and corporate social responsibility. You will find the links underneath this article.