Conversion to circular plastic production subsidy

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO
Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

Does your company make plastic products or semi-finished products out of polymers? And do you want to increase the amount of circular plastics or bio-based polymers in your production process? Then you can apply for subsidy from the Conversion to circular plastic production subsidy (temporary subsidy scheme Conversion to processing circular plastics).

The subsidy financially contributes to production trials, in which you test the use of recycled plastics or bio-based polymers. This will help you prepare for the National Circular Plastics Standard the government wants to introduce.

When do you qualify

You are eligible for this subsidy if you meet the conditions (in Dutch), such as:

  • your company makes plastic semi-finished and finished products out of polymers
  • the products are use in the Netherlands, or are for export
  • you want to carry out a production trial with (used) recycled plastic or bio-based polymers
  • your production trial uses a lot more circular plastic than your regular production. The minimum amount depends on the type of product

How to apply?

You need to submit a budget estimate for your production trials. This estimate contains the number of hours you expect to spend on the production trial, the costs of operating the machines, the materials you use, and third-party costs. The budget estimate may not include marketing and training costs. You should prepare the information before your application (in Dutch).

You can apply for the subsidy to RVO (in Dutch) from 18 June to 3 October 2024 12:00 hours.

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