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Corona crisis: Temporary support for local media

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The government offers support for local media such as door-to-door papers (free local papers) and local public broadcasters that have been hit by the corona crisis. This measure has been introduced to prevent people becoming deprived of local information and news. The amount they can apply for depends on their circulation and reach.


The Dutch government has decided to extend the temporary support measure for local media until the end of 2020. This extension is divided into 2 terms. The first term runs from 15 June to 15 September, the second from 15 September to 15 December 2020. Find out more on the Dutch Journalism Fund's website (in Dutch).

Who can apply?

The extended support for local media is meant for local public media services (broadcasters), door-to-door papers, local newspapers and independent local news websites.

The support amounts to:

  • for local public broadcasters: €0.33 times the number of households in their service area
  • for door-to-door papers published at least once a week or published at least once every 2 weeks accompanied by a website that is updated at least twice a week: €0.66 times the circulation number.
  • for door-to-door papers that appear less than once every 2 weeks but more than 9 times per year and are accompanied by a website that is updated at least twice a week: €0.33 times the circulation.
  • for local newspapers: €0.33 times the circulation
  • for independent local news websites: €4,000

The support is at least €4,000 even if the calculation as described amounts to less.


To be eligible for this support measure:

  • your main activity must be the gathering and publishing of news and information for the general public
  • you play a vital role in providing local news and information
  • the continuity of the supply of news and information is at risk as a result of the corona measures
  • your organisation has not filed for bankruptcy or suspension of payment on of after 15 March 2020

You must sign a declaration that you fulfil the requirements.

If you fulfil the requirements you will receive the support as a credit at first. SVDJ will retrospectively assess whether you spend the funds in the right manner. If this is the case the credit will be converted into a subsidy and you will not have to repay.

Please note: if you get funding through this measure, this may affect other government support schemes you applied for. Check the conditions of these other support schemes before you apply.

How to apply?

You can no longer apply for this support. Application was open from 21 September until 11 October 2020 for costs during the period 15 September through 15 December 2020. The Dutch Journalism Fund (Stimuleringsfonds voor de Journalistiek, SVDJ, in Dutch) can provide more information.

This article is related to:

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO