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Dutch Trade and Investment Fund (DTIF)

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

If your company is interested in doing business abroad, but is having trouble arranging the necessary financing, you could be eligible for funding by the Dutch Trade and Investment Fund.

DTIF offers loans, guarantees and export financing, helping your Dutch business take the next step towards achieving your international ambitions. Foreign companies are eligible when they meet various conditions.

Corona crisis support package

For exporters hit by the corona crisis a supplementary measure under the DTIF Export scheme has been implemented. The temporary package consists of various measures such as extension of certain conditions, the speeding up of processes and additional arrangements to the original DTIF.

Contact Atradius Dutch State Business for more information and assistance.

DTIF components

DTIF consists of 3 components:

  • Investments
  • Imports
  • Exports

When do you qualify?

Your business qualifies for DTIF if:

  • it is established in the Netherlands. Foreign companies qualify if they conduct substantial activities in our country. This means your Dutch operations generate sufficient revenues and profits through activities in the Netherlands for a co-financier to provide funding
  • you have a solid business plan and will be in a position to repay the funding
  • your project will be implemented in accordance with the OESO guidelines for international corporate social responsibility (IMVO) for multinational companies

How to apply?

You can apply for the DTIF to Atradius Dutch State Business.

You can use Invest International's checklist to find out if DTIF is an option for your needs. If so, you will find an application form at the end of the checklist.

Interactive online tool

Alternatively, try this interactive online tool to check whether your application for financing or export credit insurance is viable in just 5 minutes. The tool has been created for entrepreneurs with plans to import, export, invest or expand abroad. It comprises around 8 questions.

This article is related to:

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO