Public-private partnership allowance for research and development (PPS)

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Are you an entrepreneur who is interested in conducting research and innovation in partnership with others? You may be eligible for the Public-private partnership allowance for Research and Development (PPP or Publiek-private samenwerkingstoeslag, PPS-toeslag).

Who is eligible for the PPP allowance for R&D?

The PPP allowance for R&D is available for public-private partnerships in research and innovation. In this scheme, the Top Consortia for Knowledge and Innovation (Topconsortia Kennis en Innovatie, TKI) have an important role. There are 12 TKIs, each one has its own TKI programme.

When do you qualify?

  • you want to start a research or development project in partnership with a Dutch knowledge institute, obtain advice from an innovation specialist, or take part in networking events around research and innovation
  • your innovation activities that match one or more of the 12 TKI programmes

Note that you must make a substantial contribution yourself. You can read more information on the conditions on the Netherlands Enterpise Agency's website.

How to apply?

  • Join a TKI programme. All TKIs have funds for research and development partnerships through the PPP. Some TKIs organise calls that consortia can apply to. Others may assess applications as and when they come in. There are also TKIs that use the PPP to organise networking events or hire innovation experts.
  • The coordinator appointed by the partnership can apply directly to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO, in Dutch). There are a number of conditions (in Dutch) attached to application.

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