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Reimbursement for damages due to disasters

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Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO

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Does your company suffer damages as a result of a disaster? You may be eligible for support under the Reimbursement for damages due to disasters Act (Wet tegemoetkoming schade bij rampen, Wts, in Dutch). However, this reimbursement is only available if the national government declares the Wts applicable to the disaster.

Wts and the Limburg and Noord-Brabant floods

The government has declared the Wts applicable to the summer of 2021 floods in Limburg and Noord-Brabant (in Dutch). The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) is responsible for the implementation of the reimbursement for entrepreneurs (in Dutch). Is your company, association or foundation located in the affected area (in Dutch) and did you suffer damages by flooding or receding water? You can apply for a reimbursement from 9 August 2021 (in Dutch).

When do you qualify?

The Wts is meant for both citizens and entrepreneurs, as well as foundations and associations. The following conditions apply:

  • you can only apply for reimbursement for material damages that cannot be insured, that are not preventable, or damages that are not recoverable. The government appoints an executive body to implement the measure;
  • first the extent of the damage must be determined (appraisal). If your request is granted, the designated executive agency will pay out the reimbursement. Please note that a reimbursement does not mean damages will be fully compensated;
  • your damages fall into the category of water damage that will be reimbursed. Find out what type of water damage will be compensated (in Dutch);
  • you are not responsible for any damages. You also took precautions to prevent any damage;
  • the damages you suffer are the result of flooding, runoff water or a combination of both;
  • your damages were incurred in the period of 13 July until 20 July 2021.

You can start repairs, but it is advisable to take pictures of the damage before cleaning up. You should document the damages meticulously. Do you have insurance? Contact your insurance company to start the procedure for claiming damages.

Reporting damages of Limburg and Noord-Brabant floods

You must first report the damages through the claims form on RVO’s website. As an entrepreneur you can file claims for damage to:

  • current and fixed assets
  • consequential loss as a result of animal casualties (income loss because of dead or injured animals)
  • growing plan damages (financial losses because your growing plans were thrown in disarray)
  • costs to restart installations you use in your production process

You can also report general costs, such as:

  • costs you incurred because of an evacuation instigated or advised by the authorities
  • costs made to prevent or reduce the (threat) of damages, such as building or strengthening flood defenses, or improve drainage
  • cleaning costs

More information is available on RVO's website (in Dutch).

How to apply?

This scheme is closed. You can no longer apply for a reimbursement.

This article is related to:

This information is provided by

Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO