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Subsidies for visual arts and cultural heritage

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Do you work in the field of visual arts? The Mondriaan Fund (Mondriaan Fonds) offers grants to artists, arts organisations and cultural heritage institutions in the Netherlands. The fund also promotes contemporary art from the Netherlands abroad.

Who can apply?

The Mondriaan Fund offers grants to the following institutions, platforms, and individuals:

  • visual artists
  • internationally acknowledged contemporary art platforms outside the Netherlands
  • curators or visual arts critics
  • galleries, both in the Netherlands and abroad
  • gallery holders in the Netherlands who want to participate in the Private Purchasing Art Scheme KunstKoop
  • art or heritage institutes that wish to purchase art objects
  • commissioners who want to sponsor publicly accessible visual arts projects
  • private individuals wishing to purchase and publicly display contemporary art
  • publishers who want to publish an art publication or present art books at an international art book fair

Each type of grant listed above has its own set of conditions. You can find an overview of grants, as well as the general conditions, on the website of the Mondriaan Fund.

The Mondriaan Fund does not offer grants to designers and architects. They can turn to the Creative Industries Fund NL (Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie).

How to apply?

Use the Mondriaan Fund Application help to find and apply for grants. You can apply through the Mondriaan Fund’s digital application system. You will need to create an account to open the application form.

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